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Learn how to make rope sandals for women and make rope sandals for men. Purhcase our rope sandals online!

Making Rope Sandals

Natural Look Rope Sandals

The History of Making Rope Sandals

Back in the late 1960's, a member of a hippie commune invented a technique for making rope sandals. The other members of the commune learned his technique and sold rope sandals as a means of supporting themselves.

How to make Rope Sandals

Rope sandals are handmade by melting polypropylene together strand by strand. First the soles are sized, cut out and melted. Followed by the trimming and straps.
Rope sandals are lightweight, cool and very comfortable (Not rough!) They can be put in the washer and dryer and may be worn at the pool, river, lake, ocean, beaches, boats, gardens or as house slippers. "Shoe goo" may be applied to the bottom to make a hard sole.

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